Diana Miller Profile
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Diana Miller Profile

Social worker Diana Miller is the heroine of The Minotaur’s Kiss.

Diana is about six feet tall, about 30 years old, a multiracial African-American with deep auburn hair, skin the color of an overcooked pie crust and freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her hair is medium length and very curly. She usually wears it pulled back into a bun for work.

Diana lives in Dallas, Texas, in a ramshackle shotgun style home she is restoring on her own. She is an independent career woman, and believes in protecting those who are vulnerable. Her deceased father was a police officer in Chicago, where Diana is from. Her father looked after sex workers in Chinatown. In the Gods and Concubines world, Chinatown is a red light district. Other red light districts include Harry Hines in Dallas, and Hell’s Half Acre in Fort Worth.
Friends describe her as emotionally distant, guarded, confident and careful about who she lets get close to her. Her deceased father is the biggest emotional wound she has. He was murdered in the line of duty tracking a serial killer in the red light district. Diana idolized her father, and never got over his death. As a consequence, she is wary about becoming involved with men in protector roles, such as cops and enforcers. Her work as a social worker is something that helps her feel connected to her father.

Diana is a “human plus.” She has some psychic abilities, namely, the ability to recognize supernatural creatures that may have assumed a human form. For example, Mac, the hero of The Minotaur’s Kiss, smells like burning hickory. The changeling creature smells like burning garbage. In addition, shifter DNA also runs in Diana’s family, as evidenced by the fact that her sister Vanessa gave birth to shifter twin daughters.

In addition to her sister Vanessa, Diana has other siblings who appear in cameos in The Minotaur’s Kiss. Her mother is a house flipper who lost her husband, a cop, fifteen years before the story takes place. Diana’s parents raised her on the South Side of Chicago. Although Diana is cultured and refined, she also has street smarts.

What does s/he dislike most about his/her life? She isn’t over the death of her father and misses him terribly. She would love to find someone to love and build a life with, but she would never admit to it because she is also independent and doesn’t want to need someone who might not be around again.

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