She ran for her life.

Jasmine Greene left her abusive boyfriend with nothing more than her rescue cat and a bus ticket to the quiet pack town of Perdition, Texas. Love left bruises on her body, as well her soul. All she wants is a safe place to get her life back on track.

His world changed in an instant.

AJ’s life was forever changed when he witnessed a terror attack. He returns to the peace and quiet of his childhood home in Perdition, determined to complete his tribute to the lost and re-evaluate his life.

Can they find what they need in each other?

Circumstances bring the two of them together. These two committed introverts are looking for solace, not love. But circumstances force an even closer connection. Can they let down their guards long enough to let love in?

This book contains vivid descriptions of characters in adult, sensual situations. Not suitable for readers under 18

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