Banana Tale

Banana Tale

Life among the neuro-atypical:

I came out of my writing cave to find my husband in the process of arranging the bananas in the photo below. I had no idea why he had done such a thing but having been married to the man for more than ten years, I knew there HAD to be a logical explanation. An explanation that eluded me, much as I tried to conjure one that made sense.

So I asked him, “what gives?”

The bananas were in two bunches. In order to determine which one was ripest and thus should be eaten first, he pulled them off the bunches, one by one, to see which ones would come loose with a tug, breaking off at the root of the stem. Obviously, if one broke off at the root of the stem, that was the ripest one and therefore, logically the one to eat first.

But none of their stems broke off. When I took this photo, he was in the process of lining them up to determine which one was the ripest. I think he was going to go by the number of brown spots on the skin, which could work, though the stem-breaking method would be a better indicator. Whichever was ripest, he was going to eat first.

Which does make sense, obvs, although in truth, most of them are going to wind up in banana bread. ?

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