Vanessa Miller Profile

Vanessa Miller Profile

Business consultant Vanessa Miller is the twin sister of Diana Miller, the heroine of the Minotaur’s Kiss.

Vanessa is tall and slim and where her sister Diana is voluptuous, Vanessa was teased by classmates for her slenderness and often called “chicken bone” as a girl. She is 30 years old. She wears her dark auburn hair natural. When she concentrating on something or anxious, she has a habit of tugging on her hair, and even when she starts the day with a neat hairdo, It is almost guaranteed her hair will be sticking up by the end of the day.

Vanessa has ADHD, a trait that has caused her quite a few issues throughout her school years. She was often chastised by teachers for “spacing out” during dull lectures. She’s quite insecure about her attention issues. She tries again and again to fit into a mold she feels is respectable.

Family is the most important thing in her life. Her twin daughters are her highest priority. She is a single mother, and provides for her children on her own. The girls father was a coyote-wolf shifter with whom she had a brief affair, and who later died. For this reason, Vanessa has sworn off relationships with shifters.

Vanessa is a carrier for the shifter genes, which explains why her daughters can shift, while she herself is unable to. Her psychic abilities, and she sometimes dabbles in mail-order magic and alchemy classes.

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