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Sleigh My Name: A BWWM Small-Town Holiday Romance

Tor Oleander needs to make his Christmas trip to his hometown short and sweet. Get in, find out what his estranged father wants for Christmas, stay for an obligatory dinner, then leave. Spending time with the old man does nothing but bring up bitter memories of the past, things that Tor put in his rear-view mirror when he left Center City.

But Tor’s plans for a quick exit are thwarted by Holly Flowers, the girl next door.

The girl who used to sell him Girl Scout cookies is all grown up, and Tor takes notice. Gone is the little girl who Tor always thought of as the annoying little sister he never had. In her place is a gorgeous, self-assured woman, and Tor wants to do her like Kwanzaa: all week long.

But Tor’s a blue collar guy who works with his hands, and she’s an uptown girl who works with her brain. In short, Holly is way out of Tor’s league, even though it’s plain to see their attraction is mutual.

Fate brings the two opposites together in the form of a winter snowstorm. Sparks fly, windows are fogged, and bedsprings rattle when they finally get together. But while their chemistry is off the charts, family issues intervene and threaten to put coal in their stockings before they can unwrap a love that’s real.



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