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The Alpha Takes a Bride: BWWM Paranormal

I’m a cautious single mom.
There’s no way I’ll fall in love with an alpha wolf shifter.
Bubba Cermak is all wrong for me.
History is proof of that.
But he has a way of getting inside my head.
When he steals kisses, and cares for my kids.
His turquoise eyes make me weak in the knees.
Caving into his charms was a mistake.
Now, he’s been named the Alpha of his childhood wolf pack.
And I’m pregnant with his twins.
He wants to keep me close.
My pregnancy is considered a good omen.
But he’s hiding behind a secret.
I can’t see what’s truly in his heart.
I also can’t stop myself from falling for him.
Am I setting myself up for disaster?


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