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The Minotaur’s Kiss 

A chance encounter brings them together. An impulsive kiss seals their fate…

The dedicated social worker
Dumped by her boyfriend and passed over for a promotion, Diana Miller is sick of always being a good girl–and always finishing last. When she meets an attractive stranger at a work event, she sheds her good-girl persona, and sets out to seduce him.

The jaded enforcer
Like most Minotaurs, Mac Bodie keeps to himself and never lets anyone get too close. He adheres to a strict relationship code: hit it and quit it. Mac can’t believe his luck when Diana throws herself at him, offering a night of no-strings, tangled sheets fun. What could go wrong?

Their night of passion leaves Diana sated and ready to focus on her career. But Mac finds it harder to let go. Diana hasn’t just rocked his world–she has triggered something unexpected in him. Something that makes him question his lifelong aversion to that fated mate mumbo-jumbo.

When Diana gets a chance to prove herself at work, she thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to re-launch her lackluster career. Except her new protector is also her super-clingy Mr. One-Night-Stand!

Her neat-and-tidy life just got a whole lot more complicated. What started as a night of sexy abandon has become so much more…

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